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Saberseminar 2023 – Donation and Impact

Following our 2023 conference, we made a staggering $48,500 donation to the Alliance to Cure Cavernous Malformation, supporting their groundbreaking research program.

We asked Connie Lee, the founder and CEO of the Alliance to Cure, how our donation would help. She told us: “More than 20 potential treatments for CCM are currently sitting on shelves instead of being tested in mice, and the need to test is urgent. The Alliance has never been in a position to test these potential treatments…until now. Because of your support, in the next year, the organization will develop a research program to establish its own colony of mice to test the most promising treatments for CCM. This will accelerate research by years.

The Alliance’s focused testing will be cheaper and faster than anything possible in an academic setting. It will also allow them to provide a resource for companies who want to quickly test new medicines to see if they are appropriate for CCM. If a treatment sits on a shelf, it will never reach families. If a treatment is found to be effective in mice, it can be moved to clinical trials. Your support allows the Alliance to fill this critical research gap and find a cure for cavernous malformation.

The funds raised by Saberseminar 2023 will fund 25% of the project’s first year. This research program would not be possible without you.”