[  August 24-25 2024 in Chicago  ]


A Bit of History
Sabermetrics, Scouting, and the Science of Baseball is the brainchild of Chuck Korb. Since 2011, Saberseminar has raised over $250,000 for biomedical research and our own student scholarships. Themed in early years as ‘The Woodstock of Baseball Analysis’, Saberseminar aims to bring together a diverse audience with multiple viewpoints on and experiences with the game of baseball. Through our abstract submissions and yearly resume drop, Saberseminar student speakers have been found at all levels of baseball organizations (from entry-level analyst to Assistant GM)! We have had continual support from the top baseball analysis publications, leading baseball technology companies, and MLB teams.

Our 501c3
Saberseminar is a meeting of the Baseball Analysis and Sports Education Corporation, a registered 501c3.

Conference Organizing Committee
Since 2012, Saberseminar has been co-organized by Dan Brooks, Chuck Korb, and Alan Nathan. While the conference was headquartered in Boston, David Somers provided invaluable support. Our mission is to create an insightful, informative, and inclusive weekend of baseball analysis that connects industry leaders, up-and-coming academic researchers, inventors, and insiders.

Board of Directors
Jean Afterman, Senior VP and Assistant GM, New York Yankees
Jared Banner, VP of Player Development, Chicago Cubs
Tyrone Brooks, Senior Director of the Front Office and Field Staff Diversity Pipeline Program, Major League Baseball
Barbara E. Champoux, Esq., Principal, Champoux Law Group PLLC
Meghan Chayka, Founder of Stathletes
Raquel Ferreira, Executive VP and Assistant GM, Boston Red Sox
Anette (Peko) Hosoi, Chaired Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Associate Dean of Engineering at MIT
Eddie Romero, Executive VP and Assistant GM, Boston Red Sox
Tyler Tumminia, Sports Executive, Former SVP of the Goldklang Group, Former Commissioner of the Premier Hockey Federation
Stephanie Springer, Chemist working in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Intellectual Property

Artwork and Design
The majority of Saberseminar artwork was designed by John Kenyon.

Code of Conduct
The sabermetrics community is a collaborative group of people who share ideas, information, curiosity, and resources. We at Saberseminar wish to propagate that spirit of community and collaboration, and ask our participants to help us achieve a respectful, safe, and positive experience for all.

We don’t condone harassment or offensive behavior, at Saberseminar or in the greater baseball community, and we are dedicated to providing a harassment-free and inclusive event for everyone at Saberseminar, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, or religion (or lack thereof). We do not tolerate harassment of Saberseminar participants in any form at any Saberseminar venue.

We assume that our participants are well-intended, intelligent individuals who can create a welcoming, inclusive community; to this end, at Saberseminar, you agree to:
– Respect the boundaries of other participants
– Be considerate and respectful of all community members
– Refrain from demeaning, discriminatory, or harassing behavior and words
– Look out for one another, and speak up if you observe harassing behavior

Again, as well-intended, intelligent individuals, we assume participants recognize what constitutes inappropriate behavior, but to be clear, these behaviors don’t belong at Saberseminar:
– verbal comments that reinforce social structures of domination related to gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, age, religion, and/or nationality
– sexual images in public spaces
– deliberate intimidation, stalking, or following
– inappropriate physical contact
– unwelcome sexual attention
– advocating for, or encouraging, any of the above behavior
– Failure to obey any rules or regulations of the event venue

Participants asked to stop any harassing behavior are expected to comply immediately, and participants who engage in harassing behavior may be expelled from the conference without a refund at the discretion of the organizers.

If you have been involved in or have witnessed an incident at Saberseminar that violates the Code of Conduct, please let Chuck Korb, Dan Brooks, or Alan Nathan know immediately. Reports will be kept confidential, and Saberseminar will investigate reported incidents with discretion and confidentiality. You may also anonymously email saberseminar@gmail.com with any conduct related issue. Saberseminar reserves the right to bar any person who violates our Code of Conduct from attending Saberseminar.