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New at Saberseminar 2013: pick up a “Periodic Table of Baseball Elements” T-Shirt for only $25 (including shipping)!

Show pride in your baseball nerdom! In two statistical studies of this shirt’s attractiveness, two key facts were found: 1) Men were much more likely to approach a woman who knew what WAR was good for, and 2) Ladies surveyed were 10 times more likely to accept a drink from an obvious Baseball Nerd than any other type of man.

We currently have all sizes available. S-2XL.








Graphic Artist John Kenyon created another limited edition poster for the 2013 Seminar titled “The Soul of the Game”. It’s only $35 (including shipping) for this fantastic individually pressed and numbered print that incorporates elements from the analytical and historical sides of baseball.







We are also still selling two limited edition posters from the 2012 Sabermetrics, Scouting and the Science of Baseball Seminar. The posters were designed by John Kenyon and are letterpress printed on 100% cotton Crane Lettra paper and individually hand numbered in a one-time run of 150 posters. They measure 18″ x 24″. You may purchase one for $35 or two for $55. Prices include $5 for shipping. All proceeds of the sales go to The Jimmy Fund.

You can order the posters here. You should receive your order in a week to 10 days. Thank you for supporting The Jimmy Fund.

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